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Zero Additives, 100% Synthetic, Non-Biodegradable

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Why Gunfighter Gun Oil

Our objective is performance during exteme use.  Anything that can detract from lubricating your firearm has no place in this gun oil.  Fragrances, dyes, detergents, and other additives do not enhance lubrication.  However; they can degrade it and eventually separate out of the base oil.  Gunfighter Gun Oil has zero additives and is 100% pure synthetic oil.  Our oil is also NOT BIODEGRADABLE.  While other companies try to market biodegradable oils, we recognize that those oils naturally deteriorate and are not optimal for use in firearms that MUST function properly every time.

Made in the USA

Pure 100% Synthetic gun oil / Zero additives

NonBiodegradable / Non-toxic / Non-hazardous

Superior corrosion resistance

Extreme adhesion

Will not settle or separate

Will not "shellac" or become tacky

Will not dissipate

Operating range from -43°F to 547°F

Lubricating properties do not change during extended use

Safe on all finishes

Trusted by top military and civilian gunsmiths


I have long been a proponent of using synthetic lubricants on firearms applications. I spent many years working on hydraulic rock drilling equipment and spent a lot of time with lubrication engineers learning the ins and outs of lubrication products. All the while, I was using these products on the pistols that I was building during evenings and weekends.

When JT Timmons told me that he was in the planning stages to offer a specially formulated synthetic gun oil, I asked to be included in preliminary testing. To say that I was impressed would be a serious understatement.

Every finished pistol that leaves my workbench is protected with Gunfighter Gun Oil. I'm now happy to offer it to my customers through my web store in 4 ounce bottles. Like the old TV commercials used to say - "Try it, you'll like it!"

John Harrison / Harrison Design & Consulting, LLC

When you can't make it to the range you make sure your tools are good to go. I am using Gunfighter Gun Oil exclusively now! Made in the USA as sweet as small batch bourbon. This oil is the best lubricant going! No separation! Tolerant of all variables of cold to heat conditions. I tell all of my students and fellow professionals to question everything but do your own homework. I did and I have now found a new, Go to lubricant! Get some and give it a won't regret it.

Chris "Dutch" Moyer / Retired Army SOF SGM

Once again, Gun Fighter oil proved to be the superior lubricant. One of my students showed up at class with a very expensive 1911 from one of the big names in the business. He complained that the pistol wouldn't feed or run reliably, even with 230 grain hardball ammo. I put several magazines through the pistol and experienced the same problems that he spoke of. On break, I field stripped the 1911, gave it a quick cleaning and lubed it with Gunfighter Oil. He used the pistol for the rest of the class and had zero malfunctions with it. I ended up giving him my spare bottle of Gun Fighter Oil. This is great stuff and if you're not using it - you should be using it.

Mike S.

This stuff is FANTASTIC! I use it on all my firearms! Great lubricant!! Stays where it's supposed to be, doesn't evaporate like "biodegradable" junk. Stays wet. Love the stuff.


Great product at a good price. I was really surprised at the quality. Originally I purchased as a way to support a local business. I had a glock that had been carried and banged up a bit. I had cleaned it after shooting but haven't put a complete strip/clean on it in quite a while. I used this on all contact points and used it to make my firearm look brand new...not to mention it stays smooth and the cycling is better. I give it 5/5...will no doubt continue using.


I met JT Timmons today and I must say that he is a great guy. I have not only sold Gunfighter Gun Oil, but I am a very avid user as well. It is great in every platform I run, from hunting rifles and shotguns to my fighting pistols and rifles. Gunfighter works in cold, damp weather or hot, humid conditions. This stuff just works.

B. Clinkscales

"In Omnia Paratus" / Always Ready

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