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Gunfighter Gun Oil was created by JT Timmons of JT Enterprises.  When he began developing this firearm lubricant he had one goal in mind; to offer serious shooters the highest quality gun oil for ANY firearm application.  After years of building world class combat pistols and using oils that would not perform as desired, Gunfighter Gun Oil was created to be the most advanced lubricant for enhancing the capabilities of custom firearms produced with extremely tight tolerances and used in any environment.  This oil was tested by professional gunsmiths and operators for a year before being offered to the public.  Now the benefits of this premium custom oil are available to everyone in the shooting community.

Gun Lubrication Logistics

Gun Lubrication Logistics is a veteran owned business that was created specifically to bring Gunfighter Gun Oil to the 2A community.  It is the largest distributor of Gunfighter Gun Oil and is partnered directly with JT Enterprises to enhance the distribution, marketing, and development of Gunfighter Gun Oil products.  The owner, Casey Petosky, is a former Marine and worked side by side with JT during their years as SRT Operators employed under the Department of Energy.  The working, training, and competing that they conducted together during those years fostered a great friendship that lead to this new partnership between Gun Lubrication Logistics and JT Enterprises.